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Why consider Ion Cleanse?

Today our planet is exposed to the greatest toxicity load. Detoxifying the body is essential to maintain good health, prevent diseases and gives the body a chance to heal itself. These toxins and chemicals get stored in the body’s organ, arteries, nerves, joints and tissues, intervenes with their function and creates an environment for disease, allergies and immune system breakdowns. The Cellular Detox provides a thorough and efficient way to detoxify the body of these wastes, in combination with a healthy lifestyle; this can help you to maintain high energy levels and wellness.

What are the results after having Ion Cleanse sessions?
The result over several sessions is an amazing release of many different toxic materials and increase of energy. Many people with pain, edema, gout and swollen or deteriorating joints report considerable symptomatic relief from Ion Cleanse sessions.
How can that stuff come out of my feet?
The skin is designed to excrete toxins from the body. The salt that is added to the water closely matches the salinity of your body. Therefore your body cannot tell the difference between self and the water surrounding them. This makes the skin more permeable, allowing molecular debris pass through.
ion cleanse
ion cleanse
ion cleanse
ion cleanse
How Is a Ion Cleanse Session given?

The person receiving the session relaxes comfortably while their feet are bathed in a container of warm water with a touch of sea salt (to exactly mimic the salinity of our bodies) along with patented ion cleanse. Throughout the course of the session, the water changes colors as it neutralizes the toxins such as bacteria, fungus, yeast and heavy metal being pulled from the body.

The session takes approximately 30 minutes. During the session you will notice the water changing colors as it begins to remove the toxins. These colors can range from light yellow to black, with different colors correlating to various toxins leaving your body. A staff member will be available to interpret what the different colors represent.

Disclaimer: The Ion Cleanse session does not heal or cure any disease or condition. It is a valuable way of assisting the body to detoxify different organs and tissues in the body, which can aid in the healing process.

1 Session: $65.00