Holistic Wellness Evaluation

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Our Goals
We recommended dietary changes, and nutritional supplements such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, essential fatty acids and herbs.
Initial Visit

Your initial visit is usually an hour and a half. You will fill out an intake form, then we will review the current issues that you may present with and your past history. In addition, we will discuss your motivations, goals, challenges, and concerns. A comprehensive wellness plan will be recommended at the end of the visit.

Please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out the intake form.
Bring all supplements and medications you are taking so we can assess them together.
Bring copies of laboratory (blood work) reports available from your other healthcare providers.
Follow-Up Visits

Follow-up visits are typically 45 minutes. Any previous and additional concerns will be addressed, as well as evaluating your progress towards your health goals.

We focus on Educating, strengthening and building your body to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Evaluation Includes:
Initial Visit: $175.00
Follow up Visit: $100.00